Filmmaker |Cinematographer | Creative

I'm a firm believer that anyone can learn how to do your job, especially in the age of the internet. If someone wants something strongly enough, they will do their best to earn it. Attitude is what sets you apart.

I strive to be someone who can work in high stress situations with smile on their face. I could use this page to let you know that I was born in Nogales, Arizona, or that I'm a military brat who graduated from the University of Arizona, but that would only be a part of who I am.

While I am primarily a Cinematographer, I am well versed in all areas of production from pre-production to post. I like to work hard and collaborate with other people who are passionate about what they do. In return, I try to go above and beyond what is asked for, and I always look for how I could have done things better. If that is someone you would want to collaborate with, then I'd love to be apart of your next project. 

 Photo by Symeon Platts

Photo by Symeon Platts